International Yoga Day 2020

International Yoga Day also known as world yoga day is celebrated every year on 21 June to make people aware about the banifits of yoga.
Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice which energise body and mind. It is believed that yoga has been practiced in India since more than 5000 years. It was 11 of December 2014 that the United Nation General Assembly declared 21 June of every year as world yoga day as international Day of Yoga.

Yoga Day special

It was our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who initiated this. He said, " Yoga is invaluable gift of India,s ancient tradition. It  imbodies unit of mind and body, thought and action, restrait and fullfimend, harmony between mind and nature, a holistic approach to health well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consivsness it can help asdeell with ilemat change. Let's work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.

Yoga Day theem 2020

International Yoga Day is celebrated all over world and by the people of more than 170 contryies every year there is a theem of this Day. Like for 2018, it was " Yoga for health" and just like you 2019 theem "Yoga for Climate Action". Yoga brings all thees nation together. International Yoga Day theem 2020 is "Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family."

Banifits of Yoga 

There are several banifits of Yoga. It focuses to reduce the rate of health chalanging diseases all over the world. Yoga is a path to discipline your mind.
So hope on this day everyone of you some time and join of this path of meditation to a physical and mental health.  It is an exercise
that we platform balancing the elements of our bodies. In addition, it help us meditate and relax.
Moreover, yoga help us keep control of our bodies as well as mind it is a great channal for releasing our stress anxiety. Yoga gained popularity gradually and is now spread in all reseion of the world. It unites people in harmony in peace.
Yoga issentialy originated in the subcontinent of India. It has been around since ancient times and and performed by yogi,s. The term yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word which translates to basically Union and displine. In the earlier dayes, the followers of Hindusim, Buddhism, and Jainism practiced it. Slowly it found it's way in western countries. Further more after this popularity of Yoga. India became known for Yoga worldwide. People all over the world have started to realize the banifits of Yoga.

International Yoga Festival 2020

It is celebrated internally by organizing activities like Yoga Training Campus, Yoga competitions and many activities to raise awareness about the benefits of Yoga among common people around the world. It is celebrated to tell people that regular yoga practice leads to better mental, physical and intellectual health. This positively changes the lifestyle of the people and increases the level of health.

To raise awareness about Yoga, all members, guardian states, United Nations Institutions, other educational institutions, regional organizations, civil society, government organizations, non-governmental to celebrate Yoga's internal day in a proper manner as per national priority People gather in organization and individually.

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